Arriving to Tires (Cascais – Portugal).
The TOUR AROUND THE WORLD has been accomplished!
Arrival at Tires aerodrome (Cascais – Portugal)
Our two pilots are due to arrive at 17:00 local time, ending the TOUR AROUND THE WORLD! Come to Tires for the welcome ceremony!


Saint Jones – Terceira island

Another leg is over. CS-AZI, «ALICE» and CS-AOD, «SALDANHA» are already sheltered in a quiet hangar at Air Base of Lajes, after a ten hours flight with a very special destination – Portugal. Many people gathered to greet their countrymen heroes.
Bangor - St. John’s
They are getting closer and closer! They left Bangor at 14:45 UTC en route to St. John’s. In one of the calls António was “saved” by the relay of a TAP (Air Portugal) crew. How sweet must have sound the Portuguese voice saying: look who’s here! They arrived at 19:35 UTC..





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