Arrival at Tires aerodrome (Cascais – Portugal)
Our two pilots are due to arrive at 17:00 local time, ending the TOUR AROUND THE WORLD! Come to Tires for the welcome ceremony!

Saint Jones (Newfoundland, Canada) – Terceira island (Azores, Portugal)

Another leg is over. CS-AZI, «ALICE» and CS-AOD, «SALDANHA» are already sheltered in a quiet hangar at Air Base of Lajes, after a ten hours flight with a very special destination – Portugal. Many people gathered to greet their countrymen heroes.
Bangor (Maine, USA) - St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada)
They are getting closer and closer! They left Bangor at 14:45 UTC en route to St. John’s. The flight was through clear sunny sky. However the descent was through the usual St. John’s ceiling of clouds. Autopilot engaged and all went well with the ILS landing. On the other hand, António was struggling with an HF radio that decided not to cooperate. In one of the calls António was “saved” by the relay of a TAP (Air Portugal) crew. How sweet must have sound the Portuguese voice saying: look who’s here! They arrived at 19:35 UTC. 04/10/2003.
Looking for an Automatic Pilot in Texas
Delfim left Carson City (Nevada USA) at 7:00h (local time) heading to Mineral Wells, west of Fort Worth (Texas USA). The 8 hours flight was, according to Delfim, “technically perfect”. He was allowed to fly IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), 1,120nm non-stop. That would be inconceivable in the European air space. At Mineral Wells Delfim hopes to get solved all the problems he had with the autopilot. Captain Faria e Mello stayed with Jim in Carson City.
Carson City (Nevada, USA)
After a well deserved rest, António e Delfim left California to Carson City in the state of Nevada. They are staying with António’s friends Jim and Marcia Gilkerr. Tomorrow, Sunday, Delfim will leave to Mineral Wells in Texas to get the autopilot repaired. António is staying in Carson City to get the troublesome electric system of his Bonanza also repaired. In the weekend they will come together again at Bangor (Maine USA) where they will stay for one or two days repairing the HF radios.
Arriving at Sta. Barbara (Cal.USA)
They overcame the Cape of Good Hope (after the epic poem Lusíadas by Luís de Camões). After such a long wait for favourable winds, our famous pilots finally left Honolulu. The first stage was to Hilo at the Big Island of Hawaii for a fuel stop. They left Hilo at 2:20 UTC heading to the West coast of USA. After a very busy sixteen hours long flight they landed at Sta. Barbara around 22:20 UTC. Delfim had to struggle with his famous inoperative HF radio, plus a lazy Automatic Pilot. We’ll have more news later, after a rewarding rest of our pilots.
Route changes
António and Delfim are still in Honolulu waiting for favourable winds, which at the moment blow at 14kt, westward. This pause is also being used to solve the technical problems that so much troubled our two pilots. As soon as possible, they will fly from Honolulu (Oahu Island) to Hilo at the Big Island of Hawaii. This move will make the next crossing to Sta. Barbara (Cal. USA) about 100nm shorter.
News from Hawaii
Due to unfavourable winds, there’s still no date for the final crossing to the American mainland. Moreover the two technical failures (alternator in Antonio’s Bonanza and the HF radio in Delfim’s Centurion) are yet to be solved. Our two pilots are very grateful to Mr Willie Tashima for the assistance provided in trying to solve all the technical problems. On Saturday (13/09/2003) they were invited by the staff and pilots of Air Service for a barbecue. On Sunday Delfim visited Pearl Harbour.
Hawaii at last
The two pilots left Christmas Island at 16:20 UTC and landed at Honolulu in Hawaii, today at 02:37 UTC, being welcome with the traditional lei.
Pago Pago (American Samoa) - Christmas Island
They left at 16:20 UTC and arrived at 02:52 UTC. Faria e Mello is still struggling with the annoying electric problem in his Bonanza, although it is now under control. Delfim did the communications using his satellite phone and a portable antenna.
Christmas Island is a desert place. At the aerodrome we found the following inscription written by hand: "Welcome to Christmas"!
Date Line
Date Line is an internationally agreed time-change line, drawn approximately along the 180º meridian but deviating to both W and E to avoid land areas in the Pacific Ocean.
Crossing the line eastwards involves repeating one day. Crossing westwards it involves omitting one day.
Arrival at Pago Pago!
The two pilots left Noumea at 06.20 UTC and arrived at Pago Pago at 16.34 UTC. It was an enjoyable flight. As they got tailwind, they arrived at Pago Pago by night and not during the morning as they expected. No problem with the night landing!
Caloundra (Australia) - Noumea (New Caledonia)
They left Caloundra (Brisbane) at 01:19 UTC and arrived at Noumea at 07:10 UTC. Noumea is on the southern part of the island in a mountainous area. They will rest for the day, leaving tomorrow for an overnight flight to Pago Pago (Tutuila island – American Samoa).
Australian Wine
Gary Burns is an excellent pilot as well as a great wine conaisseur and he owns a fabulous collection of Australian wines. According to Delfim Costa some of these wines are at the quality level of a good Portuguese or French wine. Gary presented Delfim and António with a fabulous barbecue at his place…with a few, well deserved, bottles of wine.
We took off at 23:40 UTC and landed at 07:25 UTC. It was a flight over clouds and without turbulence. Again we didn’t have any radio communication between us and traffic control. We want to remark the extreme kindness of Captain Gary Burns (Captain of Qantas Boeing 737/800 fleet), himself a Earthrounder, who met with us at the arrival.
We were introduced to Gary at the last meeting in Austria and since then we are very close friends.
Changing plans
The first stages of the Pacific crossing to Honolulu will suffer a few changes. That is due to political-military unrest at Honiara. Australian troops are presently at the territory trying to settle the situation. In the time we will give further details of the possible route through Noumea/Pago Pago and Christmas Island.
After a few days with our feet “stuck on land” we are again flying. We are at a small town half way between Perth and Brisbane, named Ceduna. We left Northam at 01:30 UTC and landed at Ceduna at 08:30 UTC. Nice flight with cold weather and again complete freedom since over these 7 hours of flight we didn’t have any communication apart from our lively chats.
Portuguese lunch in Australia!
The “Portuguese Western Australian Community” presented us with roasted sardines and green peppers, for lunch. This was a truly Portuguese meal presented by truly Portuguese People, heart and soul, living so far away from their birthplace!
Third Earthrounders Meeting
Captain Faria e Mello and Delfim Costa are in Perth attending the Third Earthrounders meeting. To find out more please check this link and read Margi Moss record of the event. Margi is Gérard Moss wife, himself an Earthrounder and friend of Delfim Costa. To find out more please click here.
Further reports in the site
You can read the report of the flights from Colombo (Sri Lanka) to Northam (Australia) clicking here
Port Hedland-Northam
Supreme Flight! Complete freedom, since there is no Air Traffic Control at Port Hedland, although all kind of airplanes, including big Boeings can be seen landing there. We experienced low temperatures (4 degrees Celsius) for the first time in our journey. This airspace freedom of Australia, gave me the chance to swing my Cessna according to the rhythm of the music playing on the CD, while filming António. We had a warm and friendly reception on the arrival to Port Hedland, and we deserve it!
Arriving to Australia!
Again an uneventful flight and good weather on route. The Departure from Bali was at 01:34 UTC and the arrival to Port Hedland was at 07:30 UTC. We were welcome by the beautiful scenery of the flat Northwest shore of Australia.
7h 40 min of an uneventful flight, with excellent weather, and surely much more relaxing than the previous one.
We left Colombo at 14 UTC and we arrived to Singapore at 02 UTC. It was a very tiresome flight since Captain Faria e Mello experienced an electrical failure that deprived him of any navigation instrument on board, for 8 hours! The arrival to Singapore was also a hard one. While lowering the landing gear manually, he flew over an Air Force Base. Read more about this exciting flight clicking report!
Flight reports available!
Please find the reports of the first three legs by Capt. Delfim Costa clicking here!. Photos will be added soon.
Smooth arrival at Colombo (Sri Lanka)
The two aviators took off from Seychelles on Saturday at 14:00 UTC and arrived at Colombo at 01:15 UTC, performing an instrument landing (IFR). It was a fine flight, result of the endurance already gained in the previous stages.
The first video records have been sent out
SIC Television will broadcast at news time (SIC Notícias channel), every Friday, the video records of the around-the-world-flight. Don't miss it.
Arriving at Seychelles
Following the problems encountered at Djibouti further problems were found by the Adventurers arriving at Seychelles: Air Seychelles did not performed the handling, as it was agreed, and consequently refuelling, flight plans, accommodation, etc. had to be done by ourselves. And for all this we were charged 450 USD! Incredible! Obviously we will complain about «the service». The annoyance, the unexpected only add more excitement to the achievement of these two great Portuguese.
Some difficulties in Djibouti
The departure from Djibouti was delayed due to logistics. First the person in charge of refuelling our aircrafts turned up hours later the settled time and ... no electrical fuel pump was available. The result was an exhausting manual pumping refuelling. Consequently our departure was postponed till tomorrow at first light, heading for the Seychelles.
Arriving at Djibouti
Captain Faria e Mello and Captain Delfim Costa arrived this morning at Djibouti. Due to technical problems in communication, which we hope to solve soon, it is not possible for the moment to present further news and pictures of the arrival.
Arriving at Iraklion!
The Adventurers of the Air landed at Iraklion (Greek island of Crete) at 6.45 UTC (7.45 Lisbon time), following a 13 hours and 38 minutes of uneventful flight, 22 minutes short of the initially anticipated flight time. More news soon.
At 18.30 local time, Delfim Costa and António Faria e Mello left Tires (Cascais), heading to Iraklion (Greek island of Crete) for the first leg of this around -the-world flight. About 50 people attended the departure ceremony, among which relatives, friends, anonymous spectators, as well as the media. It was an emotive farewell to the two brave airmen, with everybody whishing a good journey at the start of this Adventure.
Final arrangements
At only five days to departure day, the project is now in its final arrangements. We are looking forward to seeing you at Aeródromo de Tires (Cascais) on the 9th of August at 18.00 local time.
Partnership with SIC Esperança
In a world increasingly suffering from a lack of moral values, it is with pleasure that we join SIC Esperança. This television programme presents those brave acts and outstanding moral behaviour of common people, so many times neglected or simply put aside by whatever front page selling news. It is important to enhance the true values on which social conscientiousness should be based. This programme is a step forward in that direction.
SIC is covering the Event
A deal has been settled with SIC television to broadcast news of these around-the-world flight. More details soon.
Flying together
It has been decided to undertake the flight with Captain Delfim Costa. The around-the-world flight will be Eastbound and readjustments will be made according to the political and military situation locally encountered.


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